Hybrid systems completely off-grid

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Hybrid systems completely off-grid

Postby Lindavid2019 » Sat Jul 13, 2019 1:53 pm

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for sharing all of the resources and knowledge that you do! I've searched through many forums and haven't quite found answers to my newbie questions, so please be patient and share what you can. :)

My question is for an off grid project we are beginning in South America, however we will potentially be purchasing materials in Australia and having them shipped, and also I feel more confident asking for advice here, given the strict standards that apply in Australia - I hope thats all ok!

My partner and I will be setting up a tourism business in southern Patagonia (self contained domes) and we want to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We are hoping to power the business off grid (more then likely given the cost of connecting to the grid and the low amount of power available), as we are in one of the windiest places on earth (The average wind speed is >9.75 m/s based on globalwindatlas.info) and do not actually have access to mains power right now.

Being entirely new to solar / wind power can anyone suggest beginner friendly resources for us to check out and reputable suppliers who ship internationally? We want to have a hybrid system that is utilising both solar and wind. Trying to wrap my head around it all is quite overwhelming and all the options out there!

My main questions right now are:
- Wind turbines - can anyone recommend reputable brands for 2-3kw generators?

- Wind turbines - IF the wind is at the optimum for the turbine to generate its maximum power, (all ideal conditions met) how long does it take to generate and store the power in a battery? IE a 2kw turbine operating at all ideal conditions takes X hours to fill a battery bank with 2kw?

- We will be having both solar and wind - can anyone recommend mppt controllers and inverters that are really great at supporting these systems and maximises the power generated?

- Given attenuation, with battery banks - should we have one large circuit to support 3 small domes? OR 1 small circuit for each dome? Should the circuit(s) be located near the domes? Or near the source of the energy generation?

Many thanks for any and all responses and help provided.
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