Hybrid AC system with twin inverters and Tesla battery

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Hybrid AC system with twin inverters and Tesla battery

Postby Ent » Tue May 28, 2019 10:22 pm

I am having installed 10kws of panels with twin inverters, one 4kws the second 6kws and a Tesla 2 power wall connected to the grid with the ability to run both battery and solar if grid power is lost like a giant UPS.

I have been reading up on hybrid systems and comfortable with the concept that the Tesla provides the sin wave generation when disconnected from the grid and the inverters use this to sync the panels in. Also, everything is linked by AC with no direct DC charging. But what puzzles me is the need for two inverters? Ok a accept the maximum for single phase in the Fornius range is 8.2kws so to squeeze the last bit out of the 10kws of panels a 4kw and 6kw would do this. But the reason I was told is I either needed two PW2 or two inverters to operate off grid. One inverter would mean the PW2 would run the house but not be charged from the panels.

I am happy the guy installing the system knows what he is doing so more curious why two inverters as I like to understand the Techical stuff.

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