PWM battery charging settings

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Re: PWM battery charging settings

Postby APR » Sat Feb 13, 2016 9:35 am

tkosam wrote:the controller is connected to the battery and from the battery the inverter is connected.

There is no load connected to the battery. By load, i suppose you mean "dump load" from the controller?

No, not a dump load. If you connect the inverter to the "load" terminals of the controller, the controller will stop using the batteries before the batteries are discharged too far. One of the voltage settings is the low battery voltage at which the controller will disconnect the load. Once the battery voltage rises to another controller voltage set point the charge controller will supply battery energy to the load attached to the controller "load" terminals.

I have no multimeter. The display on the controller shows 24.2V and 90% full.

Also, what does SOC mean?

have a look here... battery voltage and State of Charge ... (SOC) ... discharge/

I calculated and experienced that i can use around 80 W (laptop plus internet antena plus a few LED lamps. They take around 80-90 watts) for around 25 hours. without charging. But the day usually gives some amps.

Check this out...

and... ... y-life.php
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Re: PWM battery charging settings

Postby tkosam » Wed Apr 13, 2016 7:54 pm

Hello again,

After testing the new controller for 2 months, this is what i came up: the controller cannot charge the battery to full. Eventhough there is plenty of sun in the day, when i plug something in in the evening, the controller goes to 75%. I installed two controllers. One PWM Phocos, that worked for two years, and a chinese one with all them float, recovery, overcharge etc. specifications, also PWM. Now, I was told that I should set the float charge to 27.2V, but the controller shows that very few watts come into the battery during the day, like 34W, even though it is a sunny day. And it says that it floats. When I had just the other regulator, it was always on full from March till october, now i'm starting to worry whether I could brake the battery somehow. What should I do, leave the float charge on 27.2V or move it to 28.8V?

the battery is GEL Battery. The controller shows 99% charge during the sunny day, but when night comes it goes down to 96%.

Thank you in advance

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