Battery Wiring

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Re: Battery Wiring

Postby Cherokee Solar » Mon Dec 07, 2015 8:04 am

Hi Harry,

A bit of further info on how you are wiring up those 24 x 250W panels would help with any advice.

Like: How many are wired in parallel, how many in series?

For example if you wired up the 24 panels with 2 each in series (doubling the voltage but keeping the Amps the same at 8.6A) then 12 lots of that arrangement could produce (12 x 8.6A) = 103.2A which would require some pretty heavy duty cable.

So are you going to run two or even three lots of that sort of arrangement to your MPPT controllers?


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Re: Battery Wiring

Postby harry201 » Mon Dec 07, 2015 9:29 am

Hi Chris,

OK I'll explain the best I can as I'm no boffin.
This way it was suggested to us when we started 3 years ago to set up and what they sold us.

250w x 3 in 1 sting parrell = 750 w /24v/26a
Connected via 6mm wire into a 24a fuse (which i 'be changed to 32 as it keep flicking off)

Now I have 4 stings on the roof down to fuse box 32a each string, 3 string to 1 bus bar (150a) from their to 100a circuit breaker using 16mm2 wire into 1 x 100a controller mppt, from their to 300a bus bar to the batteries and back to inverter via 300a bus bar using 95mm2 wire.

Hope this makes since

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