Laws re 12v DC in homes

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Re: Laws re 12v DC in homes

Postby Roundsole » Mon Jul 13, 2015 7:18 pm

I'm going with 12v as I have already ordered or bought near most things I think I need.

So far I have a 130watt panel, e27 sockets, 12v charge controller, 12v 100ah battery. I'm still waiting on the 10 x 12v 5W globes I have ordered.

As has been suggested above I'm going to run the 2.5 240v cable, I'm going to put a 10 amp fuse between panel and charge controller and a 16amp fuse between the battery and charge controller.

I'm planning on setting charge controller to come on at dusk and to run the lights (around the outside of the house) for 3-5 hours. Haven't decided the time yet.
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