12v hut setup..

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Re: 12v hut setup..

Postby offgridQLD » Thu Oct 30, 2014 8:40 pm

i reckon you need at least 3 as summertime an engel on freeze will easily chomp though 2kWh/day
particularly if you're throwing warm cartons of beer in it :P

There is no way a 80lt Engel running as a freezer will consume 2kwh. Specs on the 80lt engle are (Variable from 0.5 to 4.2 AMPS Maximum) Assuming on a 45C day and your throwing warm cartons of beer in the freezer. It can only consume a max of 4.2A x 12.5v (voltage under load) = 52.5W x 24hrs = 1.260kwh. that is absolute worst case scenario compressor running 100% of the time and it wont do that at night . On a hot day loading it in and out with fresh stock yes it will cycle more often at a guess I would say 1kwh a day .

I have a Electrolux EBE5100SB 517lt fridge freezer in my offgrid house that only consumes 399kwh PA about 1.09kwh - day.

The engle 40lt as a fridge. Specs have it at (Variable from 0.5 to 2.5 AMPS) My personal experience is it needs about 30AH from the charge controller to replenish it each day. ( 30A x12.5v + 0.375kwh) That was up north with it in the back of the ute 40- 45C. So its averaging (1.25A) .

In the same situation our 35lt engle as a freezer was running about 75% the time about 50AH a day (though it was very hot as mentioned above and we were freezing ice packs for our travel friends esky two times a day.

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Re: 12v hut setup..

Postby FNQBunyip » Fri Oct 31, 2014 7:54 am

Thanks very much for the real world stats Kurt ..

I think I may have had a little win recently so I might be able to add a few bits
in the weeks ahead . Would be good to get better set up before the real
heat gets here ..

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Re: 12v hut setup..

Postby karlajensen » Wed Nov 19, 2014 10:33 pm

Note that my thumb in the air for 2kWhr a day -with a carton of beer
if using lead batteries you only get back perhaps 80% of what you put in (assuming no more than 30%dod ) hence the dark time will use at least 1.2x more grunt that needs replacing all things being equal.

When people use an 80AH "deep cycle" car battery for this purpose it is very short lived. as DOD is high and charging efficiency goes out the window.

i noticed you said only had a couple of hours of full sun....
need to get more sun! put them on a polemount or similar www.sunlock.com.au
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