Cable size inverter to meter

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Re: Cable size inverter to meter

Postby Phil_C » Tue Jul 22, 2014 7:23 pm

sparkycoffs wrote:for a 10kW 3 phase system you will have to use 16mm 4C+E or building wire which still need the earth for EP bond.

There is an existing earth stake at the panels. Is that sufficient for the additional three phase run? Also can the neutral for the single phase system be used for the 3 phase system? The will be joined together back at the main switchboard anyway.

This would need 40mm up to 63mm conduit

63mm conduit is the size.
You may change the 70mm you already have to 25mm. 16mm wont make the 80 metre run

Thanks but I will most likely leave the 70mm runs in place.

If you run all of this in the one conduit you will have to be aware of the heating effects and conduit size. You would need 63 or 80mm.

As above the conduit size is 63mm.
You may be better off running a new conduit, even though it is more money etc, as it will be a difficult pull

Yes it will and I am not looking forward to it but I have all the cable pulling equipment. I think the hardest part will be removing the 70mm cable as it was installed dry whereas pulling in the new cable will involve the use of plenty of cable lube:)
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