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Modified sine wave vs. pure sine wave inverters

PostPosted: Tue Sep 22, 2009 7:12 am
by EnergyMatters

What's the difference between a modified sine wave inverter and a pure sine wave inverter?


A modified sine wave inverter can adequately power some household appliances and power tools. Virtually all low cost inverters are "modified sine wave". A modified sine wave is easier and cheaper to produce than a sine wave inverter. 
They usually lack many features such as auto-start or any type of tweaking ability. The devices are usually about 70% efficient, so expect some significant power losses if you are using a modified sine wave inverter in your system.
A sine wave inverter is designed to replicate and even improve the quality of electricity supplied by utility companies. To operate higher-end electronic equipment, a sine wave inverter is recommended. Efficiency has reached up to about 94% and the electricity from these devices is of a higher quality than grid power almost anywhere in the world. We only sell this kind of inverter.
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