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How to include a photo in your post

PostPosted: Thu Feb 20, 2014 1:13 pm
by Gordon-Loomberah
A common query is "How do I include a photo in a posting?"
Before you post:
Make sure your image is of a size to clearly show the detail you need. Huge 4MB, ~3K X 4Kpixel phone cam photos just are not necessary, you need to re-size them down to under 200kB. You will need some software to re-scale, crop, etc, your images. A number of freely available programs are available online to do this.

The 2 main reasons for resizing are:
1/ What's the point of posting a photo so large it wont fit on the average computer screen? 800-1200 pixels wide and 700-800 pixels high is about as large as you need for landscape format images.
2/ To make loading pages a more pleasant experience for those on slower internet connections.

For photos, JPG and PNG are great, BMP is not, due to it being excessively large file format.
For graphs or diagrams with a limited (<256) range of colours, GIF is the ideal format- large graphs can be just a few tens of kB in size.

Keep it under 200kB, that is plenty large enough to show good detail on a typical sized monitor. 85% quality for JPGs generally gives a good clear photo.

How to include an image in your posting:

Click on REPLY


Click on BROWSE to find the photo



Editing: at this stage you can cut and paste your image into a different part of your reply if needed, as it will appear wherever the cursor is.

Click on PREVIEW to be sure it looks good

Click on SUBMIT

All done! Your post will appear with your picture.