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setting up off grid

PostPosted: Fri Jul 05, 2019 10:10 pm
by car10001

was wondering for a off grid cabin if your going to use 24v dc how much batteries and solar would you need to run following.

lights - about half night
fans - depends on weather
water pumps - probably 2-3 hours
tv - depends
12v sockets (with a converter) - depends
24v sockets - depends
fridge - 24 hours
inverter for low powered 240v appliances (is 1500-2000w one ok) - depends but probably couple hours depending on needs.

will be using a generator for aircon and to charge batteries up. would generator be ok for aircon or would you be better having a 48v dc system for all inverters and aircon and 24v for rest.

can you work on the 48v dc side yourself like you can with 12/24v with only needing a licensed person for 240v side.

for the shed plan to have 24v system for lights/fans/dc appliances/and a inverter to charge cordless tools.

will use a generator for heavier loads and power tools. would you better having a seperate 48v dc system for 240v inverters even shed or is a generator ok as after a certain time you cant use grinders or welders.

would you be better off with seperate house and shed systems as its hard to say how far apart theyll be as have to even get block yet which will take time.

would you be ok pre-making the dc switchboards to put away for when time comes so its just a plug in job and connect a few wires to the circuit breakers and that being about it