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Stacked stone

PostPosted: Wed Feb 03, 2016 1:41 pm
by offgridQLD
I recent project at our offgrid home was to remove the Gas log fireplace from a large wall cavity (3m wide x 3m high and about 0.8m deep. In doing so we are able to install a freestanding woodburning heater/overn combination in its place.

Removing the front wall of the cavity that the old insert gas log fire place sat into Exposes a unclad rear wall. This wall is now the wall that will face out into the living room behind the wood heater. The timber stud wall is shared with the garage on the other side. The floor level of the living room is about 800mm higher than the garage slab floor level Though the timber studs of this shared wall rest on the concrete of the garage slab.

Sorry about the chopped up photo below. It was 4 or so images joined together.

I had the idea that this large blank wall behind the wood fire would look great if it fitted out with stacked stone paneling. I understood that the paneling has some significant weight to it so was willing to take extra steps to add additional studs or what ever was necessary to support the weight. Given the studs rest on the slab and the vertical load down I was ok with this.

So up came a special on some rather natural looking random stacked stone paneling. I ordered enough to cover 10m2 (the total wall area is 3m wide and 3m height. 9m2 total. Dam its heavy though about 70kg pr m2. So we are looking at 210kg for each 3mx1m vertical wall cladding section. About 650kg in total.


From the webpages I can find on the product they seem to be laying it onto what looks to be nothing more than 6 ..perhaps 9mm max cement sheeting. Then they only recommend using mechanical fixing (strips of SS angle to support the stone) if you are going higher than 3m. They sagest laying 1m max height on the first day befor continuing up.

My concerns are one I cant seem to find any cement sheet product from the big name's that are specked to carry this kind of wight 70kg m2 . typically 32kg with 100mm fixing centers was it . I did find one 12mm sheet that was specked up to 50kg m/2.

I have laid several bathrooms with ties all the way to the cieling just on your typical 5-6mm sheet and little to no concern but although heavy for ties.... these things are HEAVY HEAVY! I have faith in the adhesives they are incredibly strong just having nightmares of a slab of say 4 tiles 35kg! taking a section of cement sheet with it from 3m height onto some one. I was thinking of laying extra studs so 200 centers and then perhaps using a 10+mm sheet with screws at 100mm or less centers. Though even that doesn't look to spec out well on JH webpage.

This utube video (more or less the same product I have) shows them slapping it on what looks to be your typical flimsy gyprock lined wall ..or thin tile board at best. With little to no concern about the weight under 3m height.....perhaps I am being to pedantic.

Anyone one have any experience with this kind of product?

It should provide some great thermal mass to the heater area and hopefully look great. I can splash a few pics up of the product and specs if needed.


Re: Stacked stone

PostPosted: Wed Feb 03, 2016 2:07 pm
by offgridQLD
I can see this video shows is a little better showing a thin aluminum angle as a mechanical support after 3 sections height.


Re: Stacked stone

PostPosted: Thu Feb 04, 2016 10:02 pm
by offgridQLD
Some playing around with bathroom scales shows each 600x200 sheet weighs 8.33kg (averaged) I need 15 high for the wall so 125kg weigh for 15 to hit the cieling form the floor. If I add an additional stud to the wall to 1/2 the spacing to 200mm I would have 4 studs for each 125kg of stone in a vertical load. Doesn't sound that bad put that way 4 x 2x