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Re: Refrigerators and Battery Supply - Protecting Inverter Surge

PostPosted: Fri Sep 14, 2012 9:08 am
by ghind
Hi Kurt

It is a large sliding top ice cream freezer like you'd see in a milk bar. From memory I'm pulling about 300w during run time. I chill it down on mains or while driving so that when I arrive it is already cold. I also make sure there is plenty of thermal mass in there which can help. Adding large ice blocks would help.

I found the idea on green web sites years ago talking about kegerators. yes as in kegs of beer.

Bar fridges are horribly inefficient and freezers do a much better job of holding fridge temperatures efficiently than most fridges

I read your post shortly after I posted mine!

My fridge is huge and the fact that it is practical to run off battery power for, if you want, 24 hours at a time is pretty neat. I set it up for a camping trip. I ran my generator for an hour twice a day with a 40 amp smart charger to top the battery.