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Re: What to do about my energy hungry airconditioner?

PostPosted: Sat Jan 29, 2011 2:20 pm
by karlajensen
Yep its a quandry alright
Last night the missus who had just come back from the Pilbara said it was too cold.
My guidelines to family members and the nanny are as follows.

air con off
2)if Outside Air temp (OAT) in less then Inside Air temp (IAT) then open windows, doors, shutters, curtains etc
get up 4am most mornings check forecast -if real hot 6am close up and aircon until 9am, this usually gets the house down to 20deg but is highly dependant on the OAT overnight.
6am close up may seem premature but my temp gauge says otherwise, seems to take forever to cool down but warms up quick! inside may get down to within 2 deg of OAT ovenight

by midday house has risen to 24 and if we're hot ceiling fans on
by 3pm if >28 inside OK to aircon until below this again

Point being peak sun hours 9AM-4pm or so NO AIRCON unless absolutely necessary
FIT at stake here!

if its real hot we'll use 50KW into a you beaut inverter ducted system in a day no problem.
and If i have to, I will and dont mind doing so -as long as i feed up 25 i can feed down the 50 and still be square $$ wise
NB: feeding it in at 4.0Kw/hrs and using at 7KW/hrs is not a good plan to pay back your solar investment!