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Woeful CFL GE

PostPosted: Sun Aug 07, 2011 11:35 pm
by karlajensen
Sent this to GE -i'll see how they take it


after typing out my story on the GE website enquiry form only to be informed
“sorry this service is temporarily unavailable-please try again later”

Here we go again.

2 bedside lights –wedding presents 7 years ago.
Wife – uses hers daily for upto 3 hrs –installed a 5W MEGAMAN CFL globe to reduce running costs
Mine –used less than 3 mins a day as shop only had one MEGAMAN globe and I used mine much much less.

Three months ago I came across a GE globe on special for just $8.

What a piece of rubbish!
Whilst brighter than the megaman globe for the first week,
now barely resembles a candle just 3 months later.
all the while the Megaman still performs just like the day it was installed

PN: FLE8HLX/827/B15/T2

I’d like to return it for you to dispose of it and determine why it failed to perform after such a short period.

Regards Karl Jensen

Re: Woeful CFL GE

PostPosted: Mon Aug 08, 2011 7:35 pm
by karlajensen
Greetings Mr. Jensen.

I will be sending you replacement lamps in the next few days. Please let me know if the issue continues.


GE Consumer & Industrial

Julius Ackermann
Product Manager - CFL/HAL/LFL & INC.

NOW thats what i call service! well done GE