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Australia's Smart Grid

PostPosted: Thu Oct 01, 2009 8:10 am
by MichaelB
Australia currently has over 45,000 kilometres of transmission lines and 700,000 kilometres of distribution network. :shock:

The Australian Government yesterday announced the next step in transforming Australia’s ageing electricity grid into a "smart grid" through the release of a report.

Read more here: ... cle_id=609

What are your thoughts on the report's contents or smart grids generally?

Re: Australia's Smart Grid

PostPosted: Tue Oct 06, 2009 5:31 pm
by AlanM
Smart grids are a fundamental step towards a renewable future, particularly as more and more grid-connected renewable energy systems come online and start to make a noticeable impact on the overall electricity supply. It'd help facilitate a more flexible pricing system that varies electricity costs due to real-time demand, and thus help to promote load-shifting. Being able to identify demand hot-spots will allow for network operators to plan for infrastructure upgrades as appropriate. Installing smart meters in every premise will reduce the start-up costs of installing grid-connected renewable energy systems as well. It could even allow for the management of some devices to switch on during times of low demand and power costs.

Plenty of potential with this.