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150%+ CO2 Home lowCO2 life

PostPosted: Sun Oct 31, 2010 10:52 am
by karlajensen
I was going to put this on another post but it got too big

Here is what my family and I have done since moving to Perth for a mining change
see map link,1 ... d=20100919

I have been gathering data -lots of data.
From the Meter
Energy used from the grid, energy fed into the grid.
TOU A peak B shoulder C off peak D weekend shoulder
From the inverters
Energy Created via the Solar Array - each of the CMS 2000's.

what does that data tell me?
A) My consumption has dropped significantly -by about 5KW/hrs/day
to an amazing 8-9KW/hrs from the grid
LED lights, being an energy Nazi, wise use of pool pump (Ioniser!), replaced Plazma TV with LED TV's (x2x32" and 1x46") double glazing, extra insulation, smart use of the house -open the doors and windows at appropriate times of the day, standby power reduction etc. -Spent about $15K so far.
B) we're not in Summer yet but production is paying back on average over the logged period of 78 days
at $12.90 per day.
C) at this rate this year will pay back $4700 of the investment and with NO REC rebate
(have yet to trade my RECS) -it will be paid for in 4.5 years.
thats 21.8% ROI ..... without RECS
and 36% ROI with RECS if i get $8500 for them later this year (about $37 is what i'm looking for)

So -I spent roughly $15K making the house more energy efficient
and the 5.18KW cost me $21500. I bought the kit, installed most of it and had a CEC spark sign off.
so not as many middle men as "normal" people but the opportunity is there for anyone to do it like this.

Moral of the story on that.
REC rebate makes PV affordable now and to everyone- Great
run a National Net feed in tarrif at around 0.50c and loose the REC multiplier
-OK if you have the money.

I borrowed the money for all these "upgrades" and fortunate enough to be in a position to do so
even if you cut the interest out, still doing way better than bank returns and there is zero risk.

Changing lifestyle is not necessary -just have to consider things we buy and do to keep our costs down.
Aside from the fact I have no power bills, the power sold to the grid makes me enough money to pay water rates and probably council rates too.

the CO2 footprint of our family mighty tough to calculate but trying to do our bit
both our V70T5 Volvos (yep 2 of them!) run on LPG, one sequential injected the other liquid phase injected both return 11.5L/100KM or better do 25% better CO2 emissions than their petrol counterparts 75% less CO and 85% less hydrocarbons.

All of the above in leading us to an energy saving life that has few if any compromises over anyone else
yet my outgoings are $6700 a year less ($20 in fuel each car a week cheaper than Petrol and Solar paying back at $4700 a year)

Interest on on $50K -gas conversions, house conversions solar etc just $3500.(7% finance)
so going green pay money in many ways

Re: 150%+ CO2 Home lowCO2 life

PostPosted: Sun Oct 31, 2010 2:29 pm
by karlajensen
Just did the math on the cars too
Based loosely on some facts I gathered about CO2

here is where we are at.

PV system feeds into the grid over and above our entire use (ie including what we use from the grid)
16KW/day = 16KGS (coal fired electricity is 1KG/KW/hr in perth –higher in Melbourne)
thus 112KGS saved per week.

Not only does 5KW solar give us a negative CO2 for the house, but its enough to run two cars as well!!! ... 00-t5.html -CO² Emissions:225 g/km
BRC / JTG Gas conversion = 20% reduction in CO2 (Natalia Marshal –live an eco friendly life)
=180g/km travelled.

both cars on LPG ~400KM / week (between them)=72 KGS of CO2 per week.
Our household is thus net about 40KGS CO2 Negative each week.
add some plants in the garden, take away some for things we buy (God knows how bad that is!)
and we’re well on the way to doing our bit for the environment.

Aim is to add another 1.2-1.4KW PV to the existing system
this will cover an additional 5.5KG/day = 37 KGs week

A flight home for the family is 2200KGS of CO2 return (perth melb-perth)
SO at our current footprint we’re only allowed one trip to Melbourne / year.

-with the extra PV we’ll be able to make two trips a year.

food for thought eh!

Re: 150%+ CO2 Home lowCO2 life

PostPosted: Sun Oct 31, 2010 3:00 pm
by Sou
What excellent posts, Karlajensen. Time for me to do some arithmetic :)