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Re: UPS battery discharging question

PostPosted: Mon Nov 01, 2010 10:38 am
by Sou
zzsstt wrote:I spent some time figuring out which could be switched off independently...

I did the same as you. What I have done is plug all the 24 hour essentials onto one power board connected to the UPS (plus some things directly plugged in to the UPS). Everything else is on different power boards. One of the power boards has independent switches for things I might want to turn on or off at different times. When I leave I turn off the powerboards at the wall (ie everything that's not plugged into the UPS), including monitors, printer, scanner etc. It's made it easier to control and helps me keep track of what's plugged in where.

I like the idea of a foot switch. Is it an off-the-shelf product? If so, can you give more details?

I have a couple of ssd drives, incl one for the operating system on my work computer. They save power and have excellent start up times. When the price/size ratio improves, I'll put one into the HTPC and laptop as well, with a green drive for storage on the HTPC.