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Re: Smart Meters

PostPosted: Wed Sep 01, 2010 12:16 pm
by PeterM
Thanks Sojin for following through.
I got in touch with a suggested Jemena chap and though not sure what was going on at first he DID find out and reported back to me :!: :!:

Basically, my issue is that for my 3 phase supply, my new EM3330 Net Energy Meter has an Alt mode that gives readings for each phase that don't add up to the principal Import and Export numbers.

The explanation is rather simple in retrospect!

The principal Import and Export numbers are what I will be billed on. They are the net energy consumed and net energy sent to the grid.

The numbers for each phase are just that: the energy consumed on each phase and the energy generated on each phase.

I need to realise that my solar system, connected to one phase only, can generate more energy on that phase than is being consumed on that phase, while another phase will be only consuming energy. So it may well be the case that taking all three phases together that I am often exporting nothing overall - it IS a NET meter.

Said another way, at any given time although I may be exporting energy on one phase, I may be importing energy on another phase. Only when the sum of all exports is greater than the sum of all imports will the principal readings be registering an export.

As a check that all is well with the meter, the difference between the principal Import and Export numbers should be the same as the difference between the sum of all phases' Imports and the sum of phases' Exports. It is.

Re: Smart Meters

PostPosted: Thu Oct 21, 2010 9:35 pm
by nelon51
On my last electricity account the smart meter provision cost is 'rate 21.318 inc gst per day'.

Since then the smart meter has been installed (vermont south area)

Question: Is the offpeak rates now applicable with the smart meter and what are the off peak times?