Wanted: Trina or Jinko 295 - 325 watt panels

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Wanted: Trina or Jinko 295 - 325 watt panels

Postby GregoInc » Tue Jan 30, 2018 7:24 am

I have a low budget (no budget) project to build a home data centre using an off grid solar system, potentially using 16850 battery banks. Unfortunately my roof space is extremely limited with space for only 6 panels in groups of 3. Therefore I want to try and find the largest capacity Trina or Jinko panels for the best price possible.

Will be looking mostly for used, but will look at new if a reasonably good price. Also looking for all other hardware, including isolators, cables, breakers, etc.

Please send me messages if you have some products for sale.

Also, any advice greatly appreciated from the knowledgeable experts on this forum.

Thanks, Mark
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