Motech 4600 / Goodwe 4600 / SB 3000HF

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Motech 4600 / Goodwe 4600 / SB 3000HF

Postby karlajensen » Tue Dec 23, 2014 11:05 pm

Gents got some spares - call it Karls Christmas Garage Clearout

Goodwe GW-4600DS -Red one looks like SMA a bit smaller only its not :P
- includes WIFI, manuals, box, sunclix plugs etc.
spec sheet here ... Series.pdf
worth about a grand new obtained for review and inspection -very quiet heat sink a little small for my liking
WIFI software tedious :?
has clocked about 11MWh with no issues. (Approx 2 years use)
-no warranty asking $500

SMA SB3000HF-30
Cracking inverter! 8-) can't fault it -again comes with everything but the box
modified from AS4777 settings in line with current WesternPower guidelines
Grid Frequency down to 47.5Hz and upto 51.5Hz max 270V
i had 4.4kW on it for a short time then 6.6kW array, what a workhorse,
where others fell over this beast powers on. no derating 45 deg ambient full load 12 hrs a day
best it did 33kWh/day (for almost 2 months straight :) -
been in garage 2 years waiting for the Fronius Galvo to fall over but it hasn't and it suits my needs better (energy management relay and black data logging i cant live without anymore)

Can't remember how many MWH it has ran it for 2 years call it 14 MW at a guess - (approx 2 years use)
no warranty asking $700

Last - quite a piece of hardware and my pick of the three :D
the mighty Motech 4600
spec here ... p-921.html
keep it in preference to the others regardless of the quoted efficiency numbers eats the Goodwe for dinner
great voltage window MPPT down to 100V, 3 MPPTs upto 10A a pop makes it a very flexible kick ass piece of kit for big multi orientation arrays. lights up early goes to bed late full power upto 65 deg.
Easy to monitor.
Modified with Sunclix plugs (comes with mating plugs)
Has been repaired, relays replaced and resoldered and tested -the only know fault with these.
(common fault early models-not enough solder on them from the factory).
Jerry rigged Lfeet to mount as mounting bracket lost, but includes bolts/ wall plugs and mounts up beautifully
no warranty Asking $800

All three come with AC connection plugs attached to 1m x 6mm2 orange circular flex cable.

Benedict and Jager 4 pole DC isolator with 500mm PV1-F cable attached and gland to suit 4 cables unused $65 too fiddly for my liking box a bit small was put together to do another array re-shuffle which i've since
decided against -11.2kW on a 5 making 56kWh/day is tough to further optimise. :cry:
8E + 8W + 8Nth Garage CMS2000-1 with ~4500W in 3 strings of 8.
Fronius Galvo 3.0 inverter with ~6.6kW panels
12x ZNShine + 12x 180W Solarfuns both NW + ZNShine 12x190 facing SE.
Edwards Solar Hot water

Luck Favours the well prepared.
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