Business incentives for solar power - get in quick!

Financial support for wind and solar power in Australia - rebates, grants and feed in tariffs - can be a nightmare in navigating all the rules and regulations. Ask your questions and view related information here.

Business incentives for solar power - get in quick!

Postby EnergyMatters » Tue Oct 27, 2009 8:44 am

Do you have a business or know someone who does? Eco-savvy consumers look to companies that take environmental stewardship seriously and solar power is a great way to green a business!
Many Australian business owners are missing out on numerous incentives available for making the switch to solar power as some of the rebates and incentives programs available aren't well advertised.

Incentives for Australian business include:
- Tax deductions of up to 50%.

- Rebates of up to $7200 under the Solar Credits program.

- Feed in tariffs where owners of systems are paid a premium rate for electricity produced.

- Government grants of up to half a million dollars towards the purchase of solar power equipment.

- Renewable energy certificates.

These incentives won't last forever, in fact some of them will end in December. Additionally, given the recent trend of solar schemes ending without warning it's probably wise to get the ball rolling right now! Learn more here.
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