True cost of the Origin Premium FIT Agreement ?

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True cost of the Origin Premium FIT Agreement ?

Postby Reb » Sat May 22, 2010 10:51 am

Hi - I don't think anyone has posted comments on this topic. Apologies if I have missed a thread.

I'm in Victoria, electricity supplier is Origin, distributor is SP Ausnet. I have a 1Kw PV system, a SMA Sunny Boy inverter, and an EM1200 meter installed by SP Ausnet.

I've received a copy of Origin's Premium FIT Agreement and apart from the other topics raised by forum members, am horrified by the warnings contained in the agreement of potential costs to myself as the customer.

Clause 2.2 The Customer is Responsible for and must reimburse Origin for all reasonable costs incurred by Origin in connection with making a request to the Distributor on beahlf of the Customer under this clause.

Clause 3.1 (a)cost of installing and maintaining any additional metering equipment or upgrades to existing metering equipment required by Origin or the Distributor under clause 7.1, including the cost of a site assessment by either a Distributor's or Origin's representative

Clause 3.3 The Customer ...may be required to pay amounts additional to those referred to in clause 3.1 in relation to this agreement in respect of costs associated with the supply of Export Electricity which have not been identified as at the date of this agreement

Has anyone any experience of what is actually charged ? It concerns me to sign an agreement when I can get no indication from Origin as to what these costs will amount to.

Have tried calling Origin Solar Helpline - after a 1 hour and 18 minute wait, the staff person was unable to offer any information.

If anyone can offer any advice, I would be grateful. Thanks in anticipation
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