Off Grid system problem

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Off Grid system problem

Postby darby510 » Tue Jan 01, 2019 11:45 pm

Hi All,
I recently purchased a second hand system for my rural property north of Sydney. I went for a pre-packaged system so that it would be easy to install and then have electrician connect to house wiring, etc.
The system includes;
8 off 225w panels (German Solar GSP6)
Giant Power Integrated Power System (48v 4kw inverter C/W battery charger)
refer to datasheet ... 4000WM.pdf
4 off AGM 12v 230Ah (Giant Power)
System had been used for about 6mths before I purchased.

Settings on unit are set at default, basic setup - Bulk charge 56.4v, float 54.0v, cut off voltage 42.0v, restart volts at 48.0v.

House is wired for 12v LED lights @ 10w ea...I have had installed a 240v to 12v converter (15A) and other items used are laptop/router (30w) and TV/satellite receiver (65w) at 240v.

Problem is this, the system appears to be doing what it has been set up to do, and at end of day batteries are showing around 53v after loss of sun. I then use one or two lights for about 3hrs, plus I was using a small fan tonight (45w) and batteries have dropped to 45.2v already.
In short, for very low power usage the system deteriorates surprisingly quickly so am unable to watch TV, etc. I was hoping to be able to use a small microwave and electric fridge at some point.
I connected a generator and the volts went up to 56.4v fairly quickly.

I have checked each light individually, router/laptop and TV to measure power drawn and the above figures are fairly accurate. I hope to use a load tester on each of the batteries in the next day or so as I suspect the problem is batteries not holding their charge, although I had similar problems with another set of batteries as well, which were supposed to be ok.
I would greatly appreciate any advice as to what I should be looking for, or what the problem may be.
I know that other systems may be better but with limited funds, this system met the criteria at the time....I am just trying to find out why the battery volts goes down so quickly and how I can have some basic facilities.
Many thanks in advance
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