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Re: New offgrid system

Postby australsolarier » Sun Dec 02, 2018 8:16 am

i was just in contact with Rod from ev-power. the the new bypass circuit boards are now bypassing at 3.5V. this solved one of the major disadvantages of the blue ev-power box.
at the moment i don't think i would trust the batrium any other than bypassing and having a visible interface of the cell voltages on a computer screen.
the old cell wires still keep on failing on my system. they either totally disconnect, having cold contact flickering or showing lower than real voltage. when a cell wire disconnects, the main board is nonoperational and would not disconnect the battery in an emergency. none of the new cell wires have disconnected so far. so there is hope for batrium.
compare this with the ev-power blue box, just plug in the data wires and connect the blue box and it works. super easy. but no monitoring and adjusting of cell bypassing voltages.
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