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Re: Wind Gen/alt connections

Postby harrydiculous » Fri Apr 05, 2019 8:53 am

The connectors for the Battery end. The smaller unit screws onto the M8 stud on the battery and the base makes contact with the pad. It has four tapped holes around a PCD. The top part attaches with the two brass bolts and can be located in the two of four holes on the base unit. This give the unit four positions.

The top unit has a stud to attach the spade connectors. You could also "piggy back" another top unit to add another cable.

And, of course, the hole into which the cable will be inserted & soldered.

ImageIMGP4715 by jibbonpoint, on Flickr

ImageIMGP4703 by jibbonpoint, on Flickr

So, I'll start sorting that today.

By the way, I found a product from ROCOL; Copper anti-seize spray. It certainly helped in the tapping. Much easier.
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