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Postby Tracker » Thu Jun 08, 2017 4:51 pm

Hi to all..!
Just wondering if anyone has experience with the EVERGEN system as developed (???) by the CSIRO..

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Postby Tracker » Sat Jun 10, 2017 2:10 pm

I got this email from EverGen..

Thank you for requesting further information on our battery and storage system.

The biggest difference with our system, is the Intelligent Control developed by CSIRO. The Intelligent Control learns your energy usage habits and takes into account local weather data to predict your energy requirements - and ensures your system is charged accordingly. With this technology, we can optimise the charge of the battery to not only meet your needs but also extend the life of the battery (all while reducing your power bill).

The status of your system can be visualised by downloading our mobile app and unlike the Tesla (for example), our Intelligent Control allows you to utilise your battery multiple cycles per day - further improving your return on investment.

Through the research conducted by CSIRO, Evergen has selected the batteries to ensure the maximum quality possible from your system. Currently the systems have a 5 year product warranty on the full system and a 7 year performance warranty on the battery modules. The Evergen Intelligent Control is also designed to help maximise the life of the batteries.

The battery needs to be housed indoors in a dry location in an area that is not normally used as a living space. Garages or similar storage spaces are ideal. The dimensions of the unit are (W x D x H) 610 x 650 x 1630mm. As it is an all in one unit this includes all components.

The retrofit option is modularised so increasing the capacity of the battery simply involves purchasing additional battery modules to slot into the system. Each module is 4.8kWh, and the system can hold a maximum of three modules (4.8, 9.6 or 14.4 installed capacity), with the first module included in the purchase of the system. If you wish to purchase additional modules to increase the capacity these are an additional $2800 each. Upsizing your battery capacity at the time of the initial install is the cheapest option, however upsizing at a later date is also possible but will incur additional freight and install fees.

Our system interfaces with your current system via a meter on the AC side of your current inverter which feeds data into our Intelligent Control. We will not need to do anything to your current PV system and your current PV will continue to run on your current inverter. This means any warranties on your current system will not be affected.

The pricing for our batteries, which again includes the control and also standard installation charges, is:

4.8kWh - $9490
9.6kWh - $11400
14.4kWh - $14000

As can be seen, from the vague description, it seems to be an AC coupled system and they I assume it acts like an extra "PV-Solar-System", but tries to minimise power import, by going to battery supply..
I thus am not aware HOW it would work during a blackout..

That BASE price of $9490 is for the cabinet and all the bits, and there are spare shelves in that cabinet and extra battery modules are added to extend the capacity.. and I don't know what the maximum capacity actually is..

They are difficult to get a complete description from.. because the "Customer Service" people really don't know and have to go ask about unusual issues..

I am thinking that the concept is great, with minimising "EXPORT" and saving the power for when the Insolation is low or at night..

Must admit that I wonder about the capacity stacking, where you go from 5 to 10 to 15kWH capacity..
ie.. I assume there would be three identical 5kWH batteries in parallel, and I suspect they really don't do as great, working in SERIES/PARALLEL configuration.. They say they work to a 90% DOD.. ie. 10% left

Also thinking that it would not take too much to throw an OUTBACK and an isolation relay, at it, for those Grid-Fail times.. that is IF it does not cater for ISLAND operation..

Oh - and a real PLUS with this system, seems to be that unlike the SOLAR PV System, this system could be easily removed and taken with you
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