Help with Xantrax truecharge2 60

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Help with Xantrax truecharge2 60

Postby sup8pdct » Sun Apr 19, 2015 6:55 pm

This my 1st post so please be [Moderator -Edited to a more appropriate word-] gentle :)

I have one of the above


It apparently went phfzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt after 6 months or so of use on a generator.
The fuse cover was pulled off and apparently fried a gecko fell out. No idea how one could get in there. Very small gaps if any to outside world. Some 2 1/2 years latter, i got it off the wall (long story as unit was in lightning ridge and i live north of brisbane).
I have found some components blown but am have trouble IDing 2 of them.


I can make out what appears to be 110. I believe it is current sense for a TL2843.
Does someone have such a unit and is willing to me out?
Other parts are also blown but the id marks aren't a charred mess like these 2.
Xangtrax is no help. they want whole unit sent to states, +$$$ + return postage to fix it.

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