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Re: New off grid home

Postby offgridQLD » Tue May 10, 2016 9:36 pm

That looks like a nice little unit. There sure is a lot of options out there now days.

For me the airconditioner has to be in a air tight room to be 100% efficient. The issue with that was the (light globe in a box) situation that you would get at night time if the room was air tight and aircon off with power electronics in it. The fan and intake ventilation system gets around that and works best just separating the day from the night with a simple 7 day timer.

I don't have any need to combine battery % SOC with having the air con on or off. The load is so small it's not a issue. If there is enough heat in the air to need the aircon running in the room then there is enough sun shining down on 8200w of PV to run it. (aircons kind of go hand in hand with PV)

Most times the aircon is just running as a fan this time of year though we have had some warm days I think Wednesday will be 30C and if I have a lot of energy being used and I am working the system hard the compressor could cycle a little to keep the temps.

You shouldn't have showed me that little Relay board you have me thinking what I could use one for :lol:
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Re: New off grid home

Postby Tracker » Wed May 11, 2016 10:54 am

offgridQLD wrote:....Plenty of work to do still on the house (solar hot water upgrade next in line) If I can stop changing my mind on how I want to go about it.

I know just what you mean.. the problem is that the longer you leave to to brian-digestion, the more involved it all becomes..

I really need to get started on going Off-Grid, but then I hear these little snippets like in Qld.. where they were talking of supplying battery systems to people in return for early departure from the stupidly generous FIT..

I wonder just what they will come up with in NSW to keep us GFIT people grid connected..
they MUST suspect that folk like me, who will go from getting a typical $350 CREDIT to getting a bill for $600, will cause us to consider "Better" alternatives.. That is a $4000 per year family budget change..
$4000pa will quickly pay for any extra hardware needed to just pull-the-fuse..
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Re: New off grid home

Postby offgridQLD » Thu Jul 07, 2016 9:22 pm

I found it interesting when my wife mentioned she eased dropped on two people talking at the buss stop about there electricity bills. One lady mentioned $750 then the other said $800.

if you take $775 average $3100 pa.

Now I don't know what the breakdown of the bill is but I assume they didn't have grid connect PV . I also assume they have a reasonably thirsty house to run though this last 3 months would have been mostly mild weather in QLD with perhaps the last few weeks of that 1/4 cooler. So I would assume there next bill would be more for heating and there summer bill would defiantly be more for cooling in QLD.

It made me feel less concerned about replacing a set of battery's every so often that to me is the largest ongoing cost of being offgrid.

Even if it was just on-grid I was paying $500 1/4 comparison $2000 Pa. As a comparison I would replace my battery's every 4 years.

I would like have to speak to a few people on the grid in town (country town) and see what the service charge is and cost pr unit is in the area do do a fare comparison based on our average KWH pr day consumption.

Not much to report on our offgrid system. Lithium battery's has been trouble free no strange behavior on any cells. Now running two inverters 24/7 from the one bank. Haven't fiddled or tinkered with anything for some time. Happy with the settings. A balance charge every so often and that's it.

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