Tidal Wave Generator

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Tidal Wave Generator

Postby Ronald Bolivar Chua » Mon Jul 30, 2018 10:55 pm

I'm never going construct it and don't have the money to patent it. Basically this model is comprised of DC motors, 2 per each surface area flaps. Each Buoy may have even more Motor units attached each centralized unit should generate the same amount of current as long as the buoy does not sink.
Stage one
Tidal Wave Electric Generator
Free electrical production
1) The buoy ascends and descends, the surface area catches the weight of the water, only the centralized motor unit ascends.
2)As the central unit ascends, the next central unit is pulled and the surface area for that motor unit holds as the central unit ascends
​Stage two creating more wattage
I have no schematics but the idea seems simple
1)initial stage one generation of electricity pays the electrical cost of air compressors
2)Air is compressed into the track tank
3)As the tank ascends, it generates tension within the track
4)At the height of the track the tank docks and water floods the vessel
5)The release in upwards pressure releases the tension wound up from the track which travel to the base transferred into a tension cog
6)Tension cog rotation transferred to electric turbine
7)The tank now filled with water descends (sinking)
8)At the base of the track, air compressors again force air into the tank and the water out of the bottom to begin the cycle once again
​-If such is sufficient enough, segments can be added on to produce more electricity.
I guess the goal is for megawatts, or even gigawatts...
Buoy ascent with a turbine track will not be fast enough for sufficient electrical surplus, but tension transference would be optimal....
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