GreenPower Providers Whitehorse Council

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GreenPower Providers Whitehorse Council

Postby dongkwan » Sat Jul 31, 2010 11:35 am

Hi there. I'm conducting research for an assignment and i'm trying to find out which energy providers are GreenPower participants, where they source their renewable energy from and to which specific council/areas they'll source the energy to. Most of the information is available on their website (GreenPower participant or not and where they source their renewable energy from) however i am having a hard time finding out what percentage is sourced from each renewable source and whether certain systems (hydro, wind, solar etc) are restricted to certain areas.
I have tried to get into contact with some of the energy providers but some have just left me waiting orsimply don't know. Any help would be appreciated but i do need sources/references.
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