Rana says Hello!

Say g'day and tell us a little bit about yourself if you wish. If you have a wind or solar power system, big or small; flaunt its specs here!

Rana says Hello!

Postby Rana » Thu Jul 01, 2010 9:15 am

Hello Everyone!

I used this forum back in December when I was building a solar charging station for a music festival in NSW. I got tons of great help and feedback and the system worked even though I intially thought it was broken and the reg was simply sitting on a float charge to new batteries.

Since that time I have lurked on the forum and read the odd post but have not really taken that active a part in it. I also recently started working in the Energymatters NSW branch doing mostly grid connect sales and was advised to get on the forum more actively. I also get lots of questions from customers and will be passing these on regularly!

A little bit more about myself - I have an electrical engineering degree and am studying to get CEC certified in SPS design and install and grid connect design at TAFE presently (I am thinking about becoming an installer too although that would involve a lot more TAFE for an electrical licence). I was on a roof on Tuesday! Before joining Energymatters I worked at a sustainability company selling solar panels, regulators inverters etc and LEDs transformers etc.

I've got to run off and do a work stocktake now - I look forward to lots of great conversations!
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