Are you REALLY Green?...Save the planet - Eat your Dog !

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Re: Are you REALLY Green?...Save the planet - Eat your Dog !

Postby Sparrowgal » Tue Jan 26, 2010 11:49 am

Perhaps they should legalise native animals as pets... surely then they could eat what was around the place and if they escaped it wouldn't be classed as feral...

Though I don't think I'm too keen on catching small marsupials to feed to a pet Tassie devil to reduce my carbon footprint...
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Re: Are you REALLY Green?...Save the planet - Eat your Dog !

Postby DIYsolarPower » Sun May 30, 2010 11:41 pm

You have made a great post here, sure to stir comments from years to come - lol!

But I agree here:

munter wrote:While I'm generally on the side on those suggesting a review of the resources that get put into pets I did see it written somewhere that much of the dog petfood was actually produced from scraps and by-products of the meat industry and that to dedicate the full "emissions" for this meat to pets wasn't exactly a fair assignment.

And also with the next post, as my dogs drink rainwater, and eat home grown veges and scraps, supplemented with (some) commercial dogfood. And they also help themselves to veges and grass from the garden whenever they want some!

And since my dogs are contained in a yard, and my cats contained in a big catrun, they don't do any harm to the environment.

In fact, we were the ones fending off nature when a brown snake came into our yard and we had to camp inside for a few days until (we hope) it moved on to greener pastures!

So I think while the post is a bit of fun to put the 'cat among the pigeons' so to say, I think environmentally conscious owners put a bit more thought and effort into sharing their homes and lives with furry buddies.
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