DIY solar research and a hello

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DIY solar research and a hello

Postby gaiatechnician » Tue Mar 30, 2010 2:40 pm

I have done diy low tech solar research as a hobby for the last few years.
My dream project was the tracking solar accumulator or tracking solar accumulating barbecue.
Quite a bit of useful stuff has come out of it. Dripper trackers, clock based trackers, liquid piston tracker.
Also a low tech way to make a parabolic dish mold. The mechanical mathematician.
To accumulate a lot of heat, you need to concentrate the heat a lot on a small spot. I found a problem with seasonal adjustment because it put my center of gravity out of whack and made the equatorial mount hard to turn. I think I have finally solved that problem! 2 identical half parabolic dishes on the mount! One goes up with the seasons and the other one goes down. So their effect on the center of gravity cancels each other out!
I have 3 videos about it on youtube They all show different aspects of it, here is the long one,

I tried to figure out a better reflector for unattended solar cooking, and made the solar design t-square as a method to do that.
With the t-square, I was finally able to approximate the best shapes. It turns out to be clam shaped.
So clam shaped reflectors are on the solar cooking wiki waiting to be tested independently. (That could take years, I am sorry to say). An independent researcher gets no respect.
Anyways, that is pretty much it for my solar research.
Hope it helps someone.
Brian White in Victoria BC Canada
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