Wind Gen/alt connections

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Re: Wind Gen/alt connections

Postby jaahn » Thu Feb 27, 2020 7:25 pm

Hi :)
My only two experiences of tingles, from appliances, in times past, were on investigation,
1 leakage from very old house wiring insulation and a bad house earth connection that had been home done ? Had the place completely rewired.
2 was a damaged supply conduit to a building that had cut the neutral AND the earth wire. Lucky there was only a tingle not a serious incident and the electrician cut the power immediately he came.

So I would not be happy with any tingles. By the way a meter may not give a reliable reading on a 'leakage'.
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Re: Wind Gen/alt connections

Postby harrydiculous » Sat Apr 11, 2020 6:02 pm

Tingles have gone. No idea where. Maybe on checking connections, I fixed it. System is running well. Time to up the ante, I think. I'd like to fit some more panels to capture some more photons when cloudy but I need to build another roof. Currently 960 watt of panels (6 panels; 3 in series). VR is MPPT 750 watt max.
3kW on grid. Solar River PV Grid Tied inverter 3000TL. Rene Solar Panels 12 x 250. Solar Hot Water. 960 watt Solar off grid with 3500 watt inverter. 4 x 100 amp/h batteries.
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