Wind Gen/alt connections

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Re: Wind Gen/alt connections

Postby jaahn » Mon Sep 09, 2019 4:17 am

H Graeme (Harry) :D
Re reading some of the past posts I note you did buy some meters. And do have a clamp/multi meter. I would put a meter shunt into the 12v supply for the inverter so you can read the power drawn by it in these situations.
1 standby. what current does it draw when nothing is running off it. Important to find out how much is wasted.
2 startup current for each of the fridge and the freezer. You will have to stand and watch that carefully.
3 running current for each of them seperately and together.
4 how long does each run/off cycle last for each of them.
% what the battery voltage drop is in each of these situations with no solar charging.
This will give you some data to estimate how many amp hrs you use running the fridge and freezer using the inverter. Then you will know if you have enough or not enough or maybe almost enough.
Have you looked at the nameplate wattage for the two units. Compare this to the DC input wattage to the inverter for an estimate of the efficiency.
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Re: Wind Gen/alt connections

Postby harrydiculous » Mon Sep 09, 2019 10:14 am

Thanks Jaahn. I've printed that out.

I might add that if I can make any contributions to this group it is:- DON'T USE 12 VOLT. It might be OK for Caravans & small systems but the cost of cables, methods of connection including an ability to solder and just the difficulty of running thicker cables causes nightmares.
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