Powerstar W7 Inverter modification

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Re: Powerstar W7 Inverter modification

Postby Solar@wind » Sat Jul 13, 2019 2:52 pm

Ok Jim,

Candy replied .

The cost is $330 use for a 6Kw toroidal model ,which she states is their latest model. It probably is a late model inverter based on the powerstar W7 model -it weighs at approx 40 Kg ,so very heavy ,I think the old powerstarW7 were 26 Kg from memory-so something is quite different inside.

She is now calculating transport costs and will reply next week ,I suppose.
I guess I will have to pay GST somewhere along the way ,I guess they have a way of working that out with their transport carrier-we'll see.

Thanks for you help

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Re: Powerstar W7 Inverter modification

Postby Jimbo007 » Sat Jul 13, 2019 3:35 pm

G'day Bruce,
glad to be of help. You won't be dissapointed, if anything you'll be impressed.
Yes, the latest model is the one. Don't forget to walk through the programming and verify settings before you connect to the load !
hopefully, yours doesn't get the same treatment in transport as my last one did.
You will be able to track delivery through the Alibaba app.
I didn't have to pay customs or GST last time. I believe that's all sorted by Alibaba. The first time I placed an order a few years ago, I did have to pay customs but that was a bigger order.
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Re: Powerstar W7 Inverter modification

Postby Yunak » Thu Aug 29, 2019 7:34 pm

Hi Jim, So glad to see that this forum is still going and that you are still involved.
It must be two years since I last posted. I was having problems with my PSW7 24v 3000w control board, in particular getting the correct one for my machine and finally adapting one of the two boards supplied by remotely starting the inverter on demand via a programmable timer and relays. Just so that the bore pump could water the grass in my abscence from my property 500km south.
It has been performing a required since then. Back to present . The the sepparate RAPS System in the house on the propertyuses a TRACE DR2424 Series Inverter/Charger, I bought it from my neighbour when he upgraded to a pure sine wave so that he could run his bread maker. The trace has been performing as required but as it is now 23 years old I thought it was prudent to have a stand by JIC. Without reading your post I purchased a BIT with toroid tranny it is the 4000W/12000W 24volt model and comes with the very detailed User Manual. I will install it next January 2020 when the Trace clicks up 23 years. The Trace will go up to the shed as will the Panels and PL20 controller etc. I have also obtained A PL40 controller, the Plasmatronics controllers I have found do fit the bill. The 8 off 80W panels at the house I bought in 2006 they were the best I could get as the whole of that years production (Australian) was purchaced by Germany. The panels were over $600 each !, the 4 off 200W panels I have for replacement cost me $79.99 each, how the price of panels has come down over the years. Any how good to see the PW7 section of the forum is still going, and you are still helping out, keep up the good work and I will report on the "new" inverter next January.
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