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Confused Newbie

Postby Rustyem » Fri Jun 21, 2019 1:12 pm

Hi everyone
I'm looking into having solar panels installed. Information is so confusing. Could I have advice please?
Option 1: Panels - Brand: Q.Power G5 275 Panels x 24 (these are polycrystalline). 6.6kW solar array. A Fronius Symo 5.0-3-M inverter (max output power 5kW). Quote is $9,999 (AUD, after government rebate).
Option 2: Panels - Brand: JA Solar (these are Polycrystalline) 6.6kW solar array, x21 panels. Same inverter as above. Quote: $7,600
Both quotes are all inclusive of installation and approvals, cyclone rated, and after government rebate. I live in a very hot environment (40-45 degrees daily in summer), plenty of sun, cyclone region. We use aircon a lot both day and night between Oct-April. Both companies who have quoted are reputable.
Another question is how do I work out my energy consumption in kW or kWh from my power bills which is stated in how many units used per day? This is so I can work out how much money solar panels would save me on my power bills.
Is there anything else I should know, or should be asking the companies? The price difference is quite a lot.
Thank you!
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