New install - declining power?

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New install - declining power?

Postby bugalugs » Sat Dec 29, 2018 8:11 pm

Hi all,

I had solar panels installed last week and I noticed the output is declining each day although there have been consistently sunny days except today being overcast in Melbourne.

Anything to worry about here, or just coincidence?

2018-12-25 44.4kWh
2018-12-26 43.1kWh
2018-12-27 40.4kWh
2018-12-28 33.3kWh
2018-12-29 12kWh

See graphs

Inverter : Sola-X X1-5.0-T-N(AU) (5kW)
Panels 22x Seraphim SRP-300-6MB split over 2 arrays
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Solar Supporter
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