New inverter charger and old generator compatibility

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New inverter charger and old generator compatibility

Postby Mountains » Tue Jul 10, 2018 8:50 pm

Hi there,

We are looking at upgrading our off grid setup shortly. Our new inverter charger will be either a Victron multiplus 24/5000/120 or a Selectronic SP PRO SPMC241-AU.

I've heard things about the old (or new for that matter) Lister single cylinder diesels having problems syncing with new inverter chargers due to the quality of the output from a single cylinder engine. I know both inverters have various options to overcome this (such as the weak AC signal on the multiplus), but I'm wondering if some of you can shed some first hand knowledge / experience on this. They are decent generators, our current but broken Lister is a ST1 coupled to an AVR Markon alternator whilst a TS1 we borrowed had an oversized Stamford AVR alternator on it. Both very fuel efficient and reliable, usually....

We have been looking at new multi cylinder generators but they start around 7.5 kva, a bit oversized as diesels like to be run at >60% ouput to prevent engine glazing, ideally >70%. Even though we have a reasonably large battery bank most of the time we would be charging <100 A @ 24v nominal (2880VA) and most of that would be in the 50 - 80 amp range. So a bit of a conundrum there.

Thanks in advance for any input :) .

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Re: New inverter charger and old generator compatibility

Postby Gordon-Loomberah » Wed Jul 11, 2018 9:24 am

Welcome to the Energy Matters Forums Mountains :) Loomberah weather and astronomy including live solar radiation intensity and UV + Gunagulla aquaponics, organic eggs and cherries
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