How to harness an 80 Volt panel

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Re: How to harness an 80 Volt panel

Postby Bob James » Tue May 30, 2017 6:56 pm

So if I understand that correctly you are saying if I connect the panel output DC to the wall warts two input pins on its power plug then that current will be passed through and converted to whatever the wall wart's output is , say 12V Is that correct.

I have never even considered a possibility like that so thanks . I'll give it a try , gingerly at first.
Bob James
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Re: How to harness an 80 Volt panel

Postby gedogen » Tue May 30, 2017 10:25 pm

Yes, when the panel voltage is low and near 50V you will not be able to get as much current out as the wall wart states. That means a cell phone may take a little longer to charge. At higher panel voltages there will be more current available. These power packs actually rectify AC house current to make DC and then use a switcher to create a lower voltage dc. Some units will have half wave rectification and require the plug to be reversed.

Try some LED screw in bulbs. These may also work. If you have an ohm meter, check resistance. Any resistance below 10K indicates a device that should not be used on DC. Some tool charges that do not have an external wall wart use a phase angle charge. These should not be used on DC or MSW inverters.
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