Wood Heaters – Radiant or Convection?

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Re: Wood Heaters – Radiant or Convection?

Postby offgridQLD » Mon May 29, 2017 8:54 am

Cherokee Solar wrote:
With that lever on the left hand side of the unit, just a gentle reminder that if you are not using the oven, keep the flue gases going straight up the flue (rather than around the oven). The thing is that as the flue gases go around the oven, they cool and form creosote. You want to keep the exhaust gases as hot as possible because creosote is corrosive to metal. That is the other reason you can't burn green or wet timber as the fire cools as energy is directed into boiling off the sugars or moisture in the firewood and the exhaust gases form creosote.

I was just flicking through the instruction book and noticed they recommend once the fire is established to close the by-pass damper. As it produces a higher heating efficiency with a longer flame path and more heat extraction due to the flames not going directly up the flue.

So I am on the fence with how to use it. I feel because I burn very dry seasoned wood and prefer a brisk fire that burns hot and clean and most likely for a shorter time I wouldn't think the flue gasses would cool that much taking the longer path. That said perhaps a compromise (to be on the safe side) is open the bypass when I go to bed and the heater cools and burns down. Yet run it on the longer path when I am burning it briskly in the evening.

I did notice the bakers ovens had a slightly short warranty than the Necter heater only models so could be something in it.
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