Remote Area Power System for sale [SOLD]

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Remote Area Power System for sale [SOLD]

Postby amongstmyselves » Sat Apr 22, 2017 3:28 pm

The specifications of your Remote Area Power System are...

40 x Kaneka GEB 60W - 4 x 10 GMA's - 2400Wpeak
Outback MX60 (x2)
Outback VFX3024 (x2)
SunGel 2SG650 (x24) - 12 in series, 2x parallel banks - 24V DC nominal - 15.6kWh of storage

I've placed the photos on my own web site here -

The full electronics panel and cabling to make this a functioning power system is also part of the sale. All manuals are included.

Since we did not install this system my vague understanding is that the an original system was half this size and was originally installed in 2006 and doubled in size in 2008. The solar panels reflect this with manufacturing dates of 2006 and 2008. The system was built by the original Solarshop.

The panels are mounted in groups of 10 on 4 tiltable stands. These stands are concreted into the ground but are part of the sale package. Take them or leave them.

The system has produced 15702 kWh in its life as read from the included meter.

There is a Kipor KDE6700TA diesel generator also for sale but will be listed as a separate item. This unit appears to be in good condition and has run for around 1167 hours in total with regular oil changes. There is what I believe to be an autostart control box which has been disconnected from the power system is also included. I don't know the condition of this as it was disconnected when we purchased the property. There was another generator on this system which we have used in the new system. This was controlled via a two wire relay arrangement. The controller for the Kipor appears to be quite a complex beast. There is a battery charger included with the generator.

There are two mate controllers with this setup as one was installed in the house which could be interchanged with the unit in the power shed.

The bad news is that the second VFX3024 does not appear to be working. I have had a discussion with a technician who knew the original installer and he informs me that the reason this unit was not working is because there was a firmware discrepancy between the two inverters which wouldn't allow them to syncronise. Hence this unit is still non-functional. But this has not affected the system from working. Not quite sure why they didn't fix the sync issue though.

When we purchased the property and had the system inspected it turned out that a whole row of panels was not working. The fuses had blown. It turned out to be related to this row of panels being in shade while the upper set were in the sun. The panels were located at the edge of the property where there are now mature trees which shade the panels in the morning. That was a bad choice.

We are not certain of the state of the batteries. We have been using around 8kW per day which has often included 2 to 3 hours of generator charging. The maximum that the system would take from the generator was 2kW. We've not had them tested. Since we have been using this system it has never had an equalisation charge. But keep in mind that we only had 1200W of solar panels active during this period.

We totally replaced this system this March. Our reasoning for this total replacement was the reliability and total power output. This system was under powered for the house that it is attached to and the appliances it contains. Though that said if the second row of panels was working then the system may have coped.

This all said I believe that the system would suit a small holiday house or shack especially with all panels working.

Ideally I'd like to sell the system as a whole as I believe it can still serve the purpose as a power system but this will depend on who wants to buy what. The system may be dismantled in the meantime so we can use the shed for other purposes.

We'd be looking for around $5000 for the system less the generator but we'll throw that in for $750 if buying the whole system. Otherwise the generator is $1000. This machine still retails around $2500. Of course this is all negotiable. Ideally you'd need to come and dismantle the system unless I have done otherwise. The tilt frames for the panels is another story which I will leave the purchaser to deal with. Any questions please ask.

The system is located in Hindmarsh Valley near to Victor Harbor in South Australia.

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