Feed in tariff change?

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Feed in tariff change?

Postby xr3tf » Sun Apr 03, 2016 8:07 pm

My neighbour has a 2kW invertor and panels to generate 2kW installed. He is on the 52c/kWh feed in tariff.

We are looking at optimizing his system, but do not want to risk him loosing the 52c FIT.

My understanding is that an inverter size increase will result in him loosing the 44c/kWh as per the original agreement (I have not had sight of this). Is this understanding correct?

If we increase his generation capacity within the limits of the existing 2kW inverter, does this cause any issues with the FIT? Looking at getting more efficient panels or even adding a panel or two within the limits of what the inverter can handle in order to give his generation curve "wider shoulders" and possibly forcing the inverter to clip at 2kW during peak generation times.
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Re: Feed in tariff change?

Postby jules » Mon Apr 04, 2016 1:56 pm

In relation to the ongoing tariff discussion a report in the Sun Herald [NSW] over the weekend says that network operator Ausgrid, who has 48,000 customers, is proposing "billing solutions to retailers that won't require changes to physical metering arrangements". In addition they're saying that customers could "pay an authorized technician to change metering configurations without installing a smart meter".

Also, the chief executive of Solar Analytics suggests that solar customers who have an accummulative meter [which I presume is the older type with the spinning ring ?] are likely to be better off keeping it and not changing to a smart meter.

xr3tf ... I think your neighbour should ask their power retailer what their attitude is. Some companies are ok with increasing the number of panels within limits but it might not be worth finding out the hard way. 52c feed in eh! How long does it last and what state are you in?
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