Latronics LM80 Energy Meter

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Latronics LM80 Energy Meter

Postby Gordon-Loomberah » Fri Jan 08, 2016 2:34 pm

3 LM80s available in Perth for just $80, post anywhere in Australia for an extra $12.


The Latronics DIN rail Energy Meter is a functional and informative meter that can be fitted to any mains or off-grid electrical installation.

It features a large LCD screen showing:

AC Voltage (V)
AC Current (A) up to 80A
AC Frequency (Hz)
Power Factor (cosø)
Instaneous Power (kW)
Accumulative Power (kWh) (including total counter and ressetable counter)

The Energy Meter can be used in many applications such as monitoring your power consumption or power generation from your PV Edge or any other grid connect inverter.

It also features a impulse connection that can be used for connection to other monitoring hardware/software.

1000 Red LED flashes per kWh.
This meter mounts on a DIN rail, and is 2 modules wide.

Full info from Latronics here: Loomberah weather and astronomy including live solar radiation intensity and UV + Gunagulla aquaponics, organic eggs and cherries
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