Setting up an off-grid system

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Re: Setting up an off-grid system

Postby new to solar power » Fri Jul 31, 2015 11:59 pm

I am still waiting for a response from, I have sent 3 emails over the last 4 days with no luck so far. Lastnight I sent an email to my chinese friend and he will call them today hopefully.
I have been wondering about this controller, could it be a pulse charger when it is in float mode?
On another note I have been talking to the battery factory this afternoon to get advice on the recommended voltage to disconnect the inverter at. They advised 30% DOD or 47v while under load.
They also advised me to log the battery volts in float mode on a monthly basis for each cell (all 96 of them) I tried this, this afternoon and found it difficult to do because the charge was pulsing giving me varying volts, so I turned the charge system off and let the batteries rest a while before logging the data manually with a multimeter.
The next question I asked them was how many cycles will these batteries give when they are set to 30% DOD ?
The answer was it depends on how the batteries are charged and discharged.
The engineer wants to know all of the system specifications, ie: for solar panels, charge controller and inverter, how many hours of charging per day and the daily power consumption + inverter standby power usage. Once he has this info he will be able to give me how many cycles to expect from the batteries.
I will provide him this info tomorrow.
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