Adding panels

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Adding panels

Postby brucedownunder » Fri Jun 26, 2015 7:50 am

Hi crew, I have another KW of panels .

Can I get some advice on weather I am allowed to add these to my existing 1 KW of panels,. They will be mounted on a different area of the roof, and I have the sunny boy inverter for them , so they could be a ,stand alone, system if necessary. I ,with Oregon and receive 52 cents for the original system . I think next year all will change in the Tarif buy back scheme, so what do you feel is a good thing to do with this extra 1KW..?
I,m a bit cautious of asking Oregon ,might bring up a bookmark on my account ,if you know what I mean. don,t want to upset my 52 cents. but,Gee,,,$29 per quarter is not really a big deal ?.

Thanks for your comments,

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Re: Adding panels

Postby jules » Sat Jun 27, 2015 2:02 pm

Hi Bruce,

Different situations in different states but I'm pretty sure you won't be able to add to the system and receive 52c but the best approach is to google your suppliers website on the topic. "Origin [Oregon?] feed in tariff" should get you what you need to know.

You'll probably find you can have a separate feed in, with a separate meter where you'll be paid a magnificent 6c a Kwh or so. State govt. policies on the issue of feed in tariffs are not encouraging either. They anticipate a fall in the price of power and a fall in the amount paid for feed in.

Who knows what will happen once the generous feed in tariffs end? I I imagine a lot of people will be diligently tapping on the keys of their calculators to figure out if it's worth staying grid tied, Tesla style partly grid tied or maybe just going off-grid. If governments and suppliers offer too little there could be a mass exodus and that would not be a waste of resources, even if the power retailers like the idea.

Given you'd be charged for fitting an extra meter now to measure your extra Kw, it's probably not worth doing for 6c per 1Kwhr. When the decent feed in tariffs end, you might be able to add your Kw on the same meter you're using now but what you're going to get back, even with the extra panels, will be spectacularly piddling and you will almost certainly be back to paying significant bills again so, what to do next ... ???

oh, I think there's a fine of something like $110,000 for breaking the law and feeding in more power than you're allowed. Have to wonder if that isn't slightly out of proportion to the scale of the crime :D !

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Re: Adding panels

Postby lizzydiz88 » Sat Jun 27, 2015 11:49 pm

Hi Bruce,

Your feedback tariff, to the amount of 44c per kWh, is locked in by legislation until 2028, so is a very valuable thing to keep. I'm also in Qld, so don't know why you think it is ending next year - perhaps you are thinking of the situation in NSW? There is info on the rules here: ... Tariff.pdf

You don't mention the size of your inverter, but if it is bigger than 1kW, you can add extra panels up the the capacity of your inverter under the rules and keep the same feed-in tariff. * I added 0.72kW to my 2.28kW system, to get up to the capacity of the 3 kW inverter in September, and it has been great for boosting my feed-back tariff.
*slight oversizing is possible, but you'd have to check with a solar supplier on the oversizing that is permitted.

I wish that I could have a bigger system without losing the great FIT rate, but also buy some certified C3 Greenpower to cover the kwH I'm buying from the dirty grid, as a way to support renewable energy beyond what my own, rather shaded, house can make.

There is some more info here: ... d/#upgrade, which suggests that by adding a separate solar system, you will also lose the good feed-in tariff.
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Re: Adding panels

Postby Aussie » Thu Jul 02, 2015 8:40 pm

I am also with Origin on the high feedin tariff. I had a 2kw system with a 3kw inverter. Last year I added another 1 kw of panels to make full use of my inverter.

As long as you dont increase the capacity of your inverter you can add more panels without losing your feedin tariff. So if you currently have a 3 kw inverter you can add more panels up to a total of 3 kw. I have found that the extra 1kw has made a significant change to my power bill. I use to get a credit for 2 quarters of the year and a bill for the other 2. Since I added the extra panels I get a payment from Origin every quarter now.

If, however, you increase the size of your inverter you will drop to the low feedin tariff.

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