Maximum kW?

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Re: Maximum kW?

Postby davidg » Sun Aug 03, 2014 10:36 am

Whitespeed wrote:It is also hard to justify spending too much to gain 30% or so per day, especially as we don't rely on this to live.

Understood, 30% performance improvement per day from a Grid connected system is huge over many years. Not reusing the existing modules, that I don't understand, if there in good repair then why not use them, I have installed customers PV modules, no issue. If they get broken or a fault develops later on, customer problem. I'll install a replacement happily not for free though.
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Re: Maximum kW?

Postby Whitespeed » Sun Aug 03, 2014 12:24 pm

We have a grid feed system as well, I am happy with its performance, gives us around 10kwh/d in summer and 5 in winter on average, with the feed in tarrif it covers our bill over the year plus a little bit extra if we are careful.

The off grid system is really just a "proof of concept" deal. A learning tool for operation, management and to help adapt our usage, and I guess initially just to if the whole off grid thing actually worked in real life. Not just for the average off gridders I used to read about 20 years ago when I first became interested.

You know the stereotype back then. Small family, in a mudbrick, wood fired cooking and hot water, gas fridge, 3 x 12v lights, a camping TV that only got turned on for an hour a day so you didn't flatten the batteries, all riding bicycles to work an hour away to "save the planet"

Boy how things have changed. Right now My electric hot water has finished running after the family showers and I am writing this under my toasty heater. Took 14kwh off the shed yesterday, will probably again today :)

Now that it has proven viable, when the government remove our feed in tarrif, I have no problem spending 30k or so, getting someone in to set me up properly to run the whole house off grid.

Off topic. But felt extra info on what I am doing and why was needed.
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