US Navy Tinkering With Transmitting Solar Power From Space

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US Navy Tinkering With Transmitting Solar Power From Space

Postby BradC » Wed Mar 26, 2014 3:56 pm

Re the Energy Matters 'Renewable Energy News' of today, WEDNESDAY 19 MARCH, 2014:
US Navy Tinkering With Transmitting Solar Power From Space:
"The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) says it will seek to patent a variation of an innovative "sandwich" solar module, which is capable of capturing solar energy, converting it to direct current and transmitting it back to earth as a radio or microwave frequency."…
“The NRL’s vision for space-based solar power is driven primarily by the U.S. military’s vast energy requirements. If viable, its goal is to build a kilometre-wide solar array that could theoretically beam power directly to a receiver anywhere on the planet.”…

This concept ‘sounds’ great... except for 2 mains issues:
1/ The health impacts this is likely to create. Massively powerful microwaves being beamed to the surface of the planet? I hope it's directed nowhere near Australia, as I already know too many people that have died from the overly growing plague of cancers. And
2/ This sounds like a ‘back-door approach’ to the previously attempted solar concentrated zapper the US military tried to implement many years ago! The justification: “vast energy needs”, possible purpose: “beam ‘power’ directly to ‘a receiver’ anywhere on the planet.” (translation: beam concentrated energy to a target anywhere on the planet?).
I’ve always been in favour of renewable energy and green technologies… but I think this project may be cause for concern.
Brad C
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Re: US Navy Tinkering With Transmitting Solar Power From Spa

Postby Warpspeed » Thu Mar 27, 2014 8:04 am

I just cannot believe that the cost of putting someting like that into space could be justified over a ground based solar project.
Sounds to me like a flimsy excuse to put in place a space based microwave weapon.
HAARP beams upward, this thing would beam downwards. More toys for the boys.
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Re: US Navy Tinkering With Transmitting Solar Power From Spa

Postby Tracker » Thu Mar 27, 2014 8:07 am

When the US Military get involved in "projects", you can guarantee that they have other reasons and motives..

I can just imagine that device beaming microwaves onto a populated area, after it accidentally "went off course"
..... that could theoretically beam power directly to a receiver anywhere on the planet.”….....

Say no more... boil an advancing army alive... :twisted: instant weapon... just like HAARP....

PS.... if you really believe that the US Military was not aware of MH370, flying down the coast of Australia, then you will trust them to be not thinking of this system as a weapon of mass destruction...
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Re: US Navy Tinkering With Transmitting Solar Power From Spa

Postby Smurf1976 » Sun Apr 27, 2014 7:04 pm

If you look at the cost of putting things into space then it's hard to see this stacking up as an energy source for use on earth. In other words, it's a weapons system first, with any electricity supplied being just a means of recovering part of the cost.

It's a bit like the early nuclear programs in many countries. Generating electricity was a convenient reason to justify to the public the building reactors generally, those for military use "slipping under the radar" amidst the much more publicised construction of power stations. "Atoms for peace" was the term used to promote it at the time.

If the aim is to supply electricity on earth then I'm pretty confident that some combination of solar PV, solar thermal, geothermal, hydro, wind, tidal etc could do the job far more cheaply than sending solar panels into space could achieve. And there is also, of course, a lot of energy required to get them up there in the first place (then to go back for any required maintenance) compared to having things on the ground.

And whilst the military does indeed have a huge energy requirement, that is largely for transport fuels not electricity. Unless the system is so precise that it can directly power a moving ship, tank, plane or other vehicle then it doesn't really fix that problem anyway. There's only so much electricity you actually need on a military base, what you really need is to power vehicles etc.
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