Solar on two residences??

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Re: Solar on two residences??

Postby zzsstt » Sun Sep 08, 2013 9:52 am

For a feed in tariff it really does depend on the local state regulations. In NSW when the FIT schemes were in place it was defined as "per account", so if you had two houses on the same account they were grouped together. You could install systems on both houses, but the total combined size had to be within the "single account" limit. However if the houses were on different accounts you could have the full quota on each. A PV installer once told me that this was untrue and the limit was applied across all properties that you own, but whilst that may have been "the spirit of the law" in fact the letter of the law (at least from my electricity retailer) was quite clear that it was "per account".

From a REC viewpoint, on the other hand, once the REC multiplier ceases to have an impact (i.e. you get 1:1 RECs as Tracker said) then as far as I know there is no limit.
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Re: Solar on two residences??

Postby KPrawn68 » Sat Oct 12, 2013 7:42 pm

Dani Im an Installer in SA. You will be entitled to claim STCs for both properties as STCs are based on the actual site not who owns them.
Regarding the FiT on the application for SEG approval there is a question that specifically asks does the applying owner own solar on another premises and asks for the information regarding that property. Now technically you didnt fill in this document the installation company does so you can plead ignorance regarding the matter.
Legislation states the FiT can only be claimed for one property
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