60 cent rebate

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60 cent rebate

Postby rolster » Thu Sep 05, 2013 3:01 pm

i own an investment property and the installation was done by Energy matters . it is a 1.9 Kw system and installed on 9th June 2010. the original tenant was getting 60cent rebate which only lasted 6months the new tenants have only being 20 cent rebate off their electricity supplier. have i got a case were the tenant can get the 60 cent rebate because they are the loser and not me as the owner. the elctricity bill is in the tenants name and NOT in the landlords name.

regards rolly
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Re: 60 cent rebate

Postby Gordon-Loomberah » Thu Sep 05, 2013 3:56 pm

Hi Rolly, I have a response from those in the know at EM:

Information from DPI

http://www.dpi.vic.gov.au/energy/enviro ... -in-tariff

Moving house

The Premium Feed-in Tariff is linked to the property where the solar panels are installed, so when moving house you cannot take the Premium Feed-in Tariff with you. But any house which is signed up to the premium scheme will remain eligible until 2024, even if the house is sold and new residents move in.


However, you don't say which state you are in, so the above may not apply.
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